Amplicon Network

Building privacy-first tools and technology. Pioneering Privacy + Convenience.


We are building a privacy-first platform to provide secure interactions between users and web services. Users decide what to share and when to share and earn $AMPLI for it. User data is their asset.

Secure data transfer

Your data flows through our network, encrypted and protected from snooping by ISPs, third-party services, and even us.

User-controlled data access

You have full control over when what, and who can use your data's insights; making your data work for you.

On-device AI model training

Companies can access insights from anonymized grouped data and on-device AI models. Users' data never leaves their devices.

Privacy + Convenience

We are creating disruptive technology for the future so that you can have both. Data on your device cannot be used without your permission. The default setting gives you Anonymity and Privacy right out of the box.

Amplicon Protocol

Our Amplicon routing P2P protocol (patent-pending) ensures user privacy and anonymity

Our network is secure

The network uses the Amplicon routing protocol to transfer data from one point to another.

Our network is device agnostic

Each node in the network can represent any hardware (phone, laptop, PC, IOT) including low-powered edge devices.

Our Network is Decentralized

Users can add hardware nodes to our relay network to increase its resiliency and partition tolerance and earn $AMPLI.

Privacy-first Apps

Privacy-first apps developed on our network will be shown on our app store.
Our network keeps user data safe, and your IP is hidden. We take out the guesswork, so you can enjoy technology without compromising your data.

Privacy-first apps built on our network.

For Developer's

If you want to build privacy-first apps with decentralized AI/ML tools, contact us below to learn more.


Earn our digital currency $AMPLI by spinning up a node for our relay network. This can later be traded for the currency of your choice. Signup below to join the waitlist.

Private, Secure & Anonymous Browser. Coming Soon!