Anonymous And Fast decentralized web

Amplicon P2P Protocol and Relay Network

Our mission is to empower a free internet, where individuals are not products, but are free to govern, utilize, and profit from their own data.We are starting out by providing basic building blocks of incorporating security, privacy, anonymity and fault tolerance in a communication protocol.The immediate future will witness the release of our data dignity defending browser based on this protocol while we open-source the building framework.

Amplicon is a relay network that sits on top of the existing internet. Any service(web2, web3 or IoT) can integrate with the Amplicon network to give users sole ownership of user data. Amplicon network provides faster and anonymous service access without compromising user experience and convenience.

Amplicon P2P routing protocol is superior to industry standard TOR(onion routing).


We solve web3 Scaling and Performance issues.

Our Routing protocol with our P2P relay network solves the Performance issue of web3. It lets web3 developers develop apps without worrying about infrastructure to support millions of users with low latency and high throughput.


Amplicon Network is Secure

Any service (web2, web3 or IoT) using an amplicon network can allow its user to be the sole owner of its data.


Amplicon Network is Anonymous.

Data is transferred from one walletId to another. Our patent Pending protocol keeps users anonymous without compromising on speed. This ensures users don't notice any difference in user experience while connecting through our network.

Earn our $AMPLI token. Add Node to our Network.

Earn $AMPLI token by spinning up a node for our relay network. Signup below to join the waitlist.

If you want to use our protocol in your web3.0 Dapps or IoT Local network, contact us to learn more.

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